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Care home vs Live-in care

Both Live-in care and Care homes are options for those looking at how they would like life to be spent in the future.  Live-in care can offer a more person centred approach to the unique needs of an individual, and provides access to professional carers. When considering between live-in care and a care home careful consideration is required.

How much it Costs

Cost is probably the biggest consideration for families that are looking into elderly care options. A search for ‘care homes near me’ will yield the most accessible options that are close by. But the location of a care home will significantly affect the cost of elderly care.

Care homes can be more expensive or cheaper depending on where they are located. Certain areas tend to be cheaper than others.

When you consider the disparities in prices in different locations, the official cost of full-time home care ranges from £ 36,000 to £60,000 a year.

Live-in care costs are similar to or lower than the costs of care homes, even though many people write it off thinking that it is too expensive compared to care homes. This is not true.

In reality, live-in care can often be significantly cheaper than care homes. If you are caring for a couple, you might even find it much cheaper.

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Quality of Care

Whether you put your loved one in a care home or hire a private carer, you are just looking to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Live-in care is so good because it means that your loved one gets one dedicated carer who focuses on them solely. They benefit from personalized support around the clock. This ensures a much higher quality of care.

Our private live-in carers are suitably trained to provide professional care. The caregivers in a care home are taking care of multiple patients, therefore your loved one cannot benefit from one-to-one care in a care home.

Maintaining one’s Freedom and Independence 

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of working with a care home to take care of an elderly loved one is that they lose all their belongings and the familiarity of home. They have to leave their home behind, including their pets and all their memories.

Most care homes do not allow pets, and they do not allow residents to enjoy privacy since they have to share communal spaces.
Even with a private bedroom, they still share lounges and dining rooms.

For a senior who values their privacy, freedom, and independence, this can be a huge sacrifice to make.

With live-in care, they can enjoy living in their own space without having to be bound by institutional rules. They can enjoy the companionship of a pet and accept visitors at their own time and convenience.


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Finding Room in a Care Home

In theory, care homes are publicly funded. But in reality, you have to go through a list of formalities to be considered eligible for one. One of the preliminaries is means-testing. The process is not always as fair and transparent as it should be and some people will come out without getting state funding.

There is also the problem of availability. Some places don’t have as many care homes as they need. These places are called ‘care deserts.’ This means that even if you are ready to pay the full fees, you may still find yourself unable to find room for your loved one.

Finding Live-in Care

The process of providing live-in care for your older family member is much easier than finding a care home. Normally, you only need to get in touch with an agency that will take care of finding a carer to support your family. Our service allows for us to find the best local carer to you or your loved ones home, speak to a member of our friendly team today.

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