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What is the Cost of a Live-in Carer?

What is the Cost of a Live-in Carer?

Live-in care is choice for many families, making it possible for loved ones to remain at home can be a comfortable and safe solution. If you are in the process of thinking through your options, you will find that there are other options beyond care homes.

Look into the benefits of round-the-clock live-in care. It is a lot more affordable than most people realise and gives your loved ones a much higher quality of life.

Many people ask the question: What is the cost of a live-in carer? Read on to figure out how much it might cost you.

Choosing Between a Care Home and Home Care

Getting a full-time carer for your loved one offers far more advantages than disadvantages. They will have the opportunity to continue enjoying the comfort and familiarity of home while enjoying a higher degree of independence. Live-in carers offer the most suitable care by far.

When it comes to residential care homes, there is no assurance of good quality care. As the years have gone by, we have witnessed increasingly poorer and poorer standards of care in these facilities.

They do not offer consistent care and their services are not necessarily suited for the individual needs of a client.

The high costs of care homes can be shocking for families. Care homes within the UK require anything from £1000 each week or higher. Some of them also charge disturbed night allowances and other such fees.

Live-in carer cost

The Cost of Live-in Carers in the UK

The cost of live-in care at home varies depending on the level of care and support required with in a 24 hour period. We have high quality partners on our panel with costs starting from £795 per week. Find a local carer now by speaking to one of our experts today.

When do you Require Two Carers?

There is nothing more precious than getting to grow old with the one you love. Care homes, however, may not allow married couples to live together.

With live-in home care, you can have a couple living together in their own home while enjoying round-the-clock care in a familiar environment.

Carers provide the couple with emotional support, help with medicine, mobility assistance, shopping, as well as personal care, and other needs.

By assessing the requirements of the couple we advise you on whether or not you may require two carers.

If you find that your loved one is active during the night and needs constant support during the night, it may necessitate including a second carer because the night-time responsibilities will be as heavy as day-time responsibilities.

Couples who need a greater deal of attention for example with mobility and who use hoist equipment among other equipment, help with toileting, dressing, washing, as well as domestic support.

Figuring out Live-in Care Costs

We are committed to fully caring for our clients within their own homes. We rely on our principles and values to guide us as we carry out our work.

Our mission is to consistently find ways of connecting clients to the best quality carers in their local residence.

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