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, Mobility Care

Carers are specially trained in supporting elderly people with mobility care and rehabilitation at home and our care management team work in close partnership with occupational therapists and physiotherapists to ensure you have the right mobility aids, home adaptations and support in place.

Changes that occur with ageing can lead to problems with moving around and mobility – maybe unsteadiness when walking, difficulty getting into a chair or a bed, or even falls. As a result, supporting mobility care, rehabilitation, disabilities and reducing falls risk is a key part of enabling older people to live safely at home.

All of our clients benefit from an assessment of their mobility, moving and handling needs and falls risk prior to commencing care at home. This not only ensures that our trained carers are able to provide individually tailored mobility care, but also that appropriate professional input (e.g. occupational therapist) and mobility interventions (e.g. equipment, adaptations) are arranged. Sometimes additional support in other areas can also contribute to this such as managing medications properly, arranging eye tests or doing targeted exercises.

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