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, What is the cost of a care home?

What is the cost of a care home?

What is the Cost of a Care Home?
People go through a lot of challenges as they age, especially when their health is in decline. They have unique needs and find it hard to fulfil simple, everyday activities.

Often, you are not in a position to provide all the support that they need, and in such a situation, it only makes sense to get professional care.

Many people will go straight to care homes when they are looking for care for senior family members. Care homes have been there since the 1940s, and they are seen by many as the most viable options.

While this thinking is understandable, the truth is that care homes are neither the most affordable nor the only viable option.

When you take into account the psychological and mental cost of committing family members to care, the choice is easy.

The Standards of Care in Care Homes
The most important concern is always the well-being and comfort of your family. The right care choice can make a huge difference.

It can be complicated when you have a loved one living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and you are struggling to meet the care needs of your loved ones. Care homes may promise to provide a solution for them but this is not always the case.

The British Geriatric Society published a report saying that 41% of care home patients living with dementia were not receiving specialized health services to meet their medical needs.

When elders who are suffering from dementia are constantly overstimulated may experience a deterioration in their mental health.

Thrusting an elder into a new environment surrounded by strangers can cause confusion and stress. It is harder to give them a familiar routine and environment because carers change regularly.

Care homes run strictly on schedule. Fiercely independent individuals may resent this loss of freedom that they had when they lived independently at home. Nursing home life means not only living by someone else’s schedule but also sharing spaces with other people, something that some elders may not necessarily appreciate.

How much Care Homes Cost
Care homes for seniors can be expensive, and you have to take into consideration how much they cost. Care homes are generally perceived as cheaper, though their costs can be higher or lower depending on where they are located.

The health of the elder and their health care requirements may also influence the cost of a care home. Depending on the situation, care homes are not necessarily affordable, they can be expensive in fact.

Care homes become more expensive when considering the added expense of nursing care. If your elder needs dementia care, for example, you may have to pay more than £1,000 a week for specialized care.

The location of a care home will impact its cost. If you happen to live in an expensive area like London’t South East, you will have to pay more for your loved one’s care than you would in a different location.

But even in a cheaper location like the North West, you will still pay at least £ 800. Having your loved ones nearby allows you to visit them more often.

Assuming you are prepared to pay all the costs of a care home – which can run into £50,000 a year – you may still find yourself struggling to find a place in a care home for your elder. If you happen to live in a ‘care desert,’ you will find that options are limited.

Live-in Care is Better than a Care Home
Live-in care is much better than a care home because it gives the elder a sense of comfort, stability, familiarity, and independence by allowing them to remain in their own home.

The familiarity of home is comforting for most elders. It is even more comforting for those who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Live-in care also allows the elder to benefit from one-on-one care from highly skilled carers who are also compassionate and approved by you. We go by the unique individual needs of your loved one in our choice of a carer.

Carers spend all their days with their clients. They develop a close bond and a trusting relationship. Live-in carers are also in a position to offer psychosocial support to your elder.

They keep them active by engaging in physically and mentally challenging activities to help them maintain a positive attitude and a sharp mind in their old age.

Most companies charge a maximum of £900 a week for live-in care. We provide the best care for your elders at reasonable rates.

We know how important they are to you and we provide them with domestic support, companionship, and assistance to them.

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